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2D / 3D Drafting

Metal Enterprises, Inc. offers CAD Drafting services to support the production of your custom sheet metal products. Our team is proficient in AutoCAD design and documentation software. Based upon hand drawings and your specifications we can design a working part that can be used for future CNC work. 

Why Us?


Many of the companies that approach us for CAD work have an existing product that had previously been designed. The challenge is often times when a company drafts your idea they create a finished file that is uneditable and they retain the original copy. Their belief is that, too often, you will resort to going back to them for work because they created the original file.


Metal Enterprises, Inc. operates differently. We have a belief that taking care of our customer is the number one priority. If your product needs adjustment in the future you should have the right to make adjustments. For Example: say you build a sub-assembly for lawn mowers and future iterations are 55" mowers instead of 54". You should be able to go in and adjust your model. Equally, you should never feel handcuffed to the shop which created the design. We give you a finished draft as well as the files to make any future adjustments as you see fit. Our belief is that our work speaks for itself and if you work with us we hope you see that too.

Ready to start your CAD Drafting Project?

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Disclaimer: We do not design parts. We build off of your specifications. You must provide measurements, materials used, and product thickness.

2D & 3D Drafting

CAD Drafting, Production
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