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Our craftsman have various expertise in metal forming. Combine that with state of the art equipment and CNC capabilities, we can accomplish almost any project. With our Pacific Press Brake we have the capabilities of bending metal up to .5" thick. This makes our equipment ideal for most projects including industrial applications. The thickness will determine the length of the piece and material will dictate if our dies can withstand thicker metals. Ready to start your project? Fill out our form today.

Equipment Used: 100 TON Pacific 10' CNC Press Brake


Whether it is bars or pipes our metal cutting, with HYDMECH, provides exceptional straight cuts fast. Our equipment is designed for high-production environments where big straight cuts are needed. 

Equipment Used: HYDMECH Horizontal Band Saw


Ready to paint or looking for a final product shined up? We can help. Our TimeSaver is the right wide belt for the job. With each pass taking off a minimal piece of material you are able to get the look and feel you want without reduced structural integrity. Our finishing services get the product out the door every time to the standards you are looking for.

Equipment Used: AEM Narrobelt TimeSaver - 80 to 120 Grit Paper

Press Brake, Metal Fabrication, Lancaster
Metal Bending, Metal Fabrication, Lancaster
Metal Cutting, Lancaster
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Metal Fabrication
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